Daisy Sunglasses Stamp & Cutter Set
Daisy Sunglasses Stamp & Cutter Set

Daisy Sunglasses Stamp & Cutter Set

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Simply press the stamp into your fondant to reveal the design then cut with the cutter. 

Size: measures 3” x 1.5” 

Our stamp sets are small, ideal for treats and cupcake toppers  

Our stamps and cutters are made using food safe PLA materials. PLA is a vegetable-based, biodegradable plastic material and it is eco friendly!

Instructions for use:

1.) Roll out your fondant to the desired thickness.

2.) If needed, Lightly dust your fondant and the stamp with cornstarch or powdered sugar (to prevent the stamp from sticking to your fondant). 

3.) Gently and evenly push down on the stamp.

4.) Carefully remove the stamp

5.) Cut out your design with the cutter then you’re ready to add to your project!



Our stamps and cutters are not dishwasher safe, please keep away from heat or hot water!

To clean your stamp and cutter run them under water and let air dry. Parts of our stamps can be delicate so avoid towel drying and scrubbing